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Silryuk Industrial is a total master business of interior materials of automobiles.
The company has grown with development of automobile industries
based on differentiated technology, and has committed its best endeavors into long-lasting growth.

Silryuk Industrial established in 1986 is an automobile part manufacturer operating batch production systems of dice development, injection molding, printing, painting, laser processing, and assembling for producing and supplying core parts of interior materials of automobiles.

The company has been continuously developing technologies and new solutions with mindset of mission for providing drivers with convenience, efficiency and comfortable mobility by responding ever-changing automobile industries.

Company continuously evolving and growing in alignment with developing paradigm of automobile industries in accordance with connectivity and digitalization. Global leader of automobile part industry creating perfect values beyond quality to satisfy customers.

Silryuk Industrial will ever be with you as your partner.

Company establishment Feb., 1986 CEO Sang Hun Lee Business type Manufacturer
Products Interior pats of automobile Main customer Hyundai KIA Motors Address 86, Seonggok-ro, Danwon-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do