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CEO Greetings

The people of SILRYUK have always been trying hard to secure concrete position of the leader
in automobile part industry with the motto of the company,
“Confident Company Trusted by Customers.”

CEO Greetings

SILRYUK is a business ever-looking for diversification of businesses and value creation through consistent management innovation and technology development for past 30 years, and leads driving the industry for growth of employees of the company together.
We at SILRYUK will try hard to achieve the objective of performing duties in the communities and improving welfare of the employees, and invest all of our competence into realizing productive life of every employee of ours as a model company in the industry.
At verge of the coming automobile era of innovation of municipal design and leading smart society by automobiles beyond simple transportation means, SILRYUK continuously researches and develops automobile parts integrated with new technologies, suggests sustainable spectrum and visions for new businesses, and leads the industry in exploration of new markets.

Human beings and technologies
Environment-friendly automobile part manufacturer
SILRYUK will make it come true to realize the coming automobile era where advanced technologies and emotion of human beings respond to each other, and full values beyond technologies.

CEOSang Hun Lee ceo sign