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Ethics and Integrity

Silryuk Industrial fulfills the moral management to be affected and respected company.

  • Definition of Moral Management
    Management with moral value system-centered model standards of management activities.
    Silryuk Industrial will expand moral management activities step by step based on this idea to fulfill its social responsibilities of a leading company in automobile industry.
  • Idea of moral management
    The idea of moral management of Silryuk Industrial is ‘Customer value-centered management,’ and will fulfill the social responsibilities and duties of a leading company in the automobile industry.
Executives and employees of Silryuk Industrial and its affiliates, and stakeholders relevant to specifics of information
Processing procedures
  • 01

    Report accepting
  • 02

    Reviewing specifics
    (Moral Management Committee)
  • 03

    Checking facts
  • 04

    Notifying the result
Targets of information reporting
  • Behaviors of providing/accepting treat and entertainment
  • Behaviors of disclosing confidential information
  • Behaviors of providing/accepting monetary values (money and gifts)
  • Immoral and illegal behaviors
  • Unfair trade behaviors
How to report information
  • Internet : Homepage of Silryuk Industrial (Moral Management)
  • E-MAIL :
  • Mail to : Staff for Moral Management at 86, Seonggok-ro, Danwon-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do
Principles of reporting information
  • Reporting in accordance with the lower six principles (why, who, when, where, what and how)
  • Information reporting should be, in principle, with real name. Information reported in anonymity will be investigated only when fact can be verified.
  • Information reporting of backbiting, false report or trapping of executive and employees, affiliates and contractors will not be investigated.
Protection of informant
  • Protection of informant will by ensured only when such informant provides his/her real name and proper evidences.
  • Behaviors exposing identity of informant and disclosure personal information of informant without consent of informant will strictly be banned (principle of protection of identity, posture and information).
  • Silryuk Industrial should exercise every measure and effort to prevent disadvantages to informant.

Information of informant
Personal information of informant should only be disclosed to acceptant, and anonymity of informant, if any, will thoroughly be protected. The company invites active participation and information reporting.

Informant name

E-mail address of informant
* The company will respond to the provided e-mail address.


Specifics of reported information



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