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Below are frequent questions and answers about Silryuk Industrial.

[Recruiting] What are the hiring procedures?

Hiring is performed in the procedures of document screening, interview and then notifying successful candidate, and interview may be performed twice dependent upon applied tasks.

[Recruiting] Is there specified period of hiring?

The company hires rookies and persons with careers whenever new workers are necessary for tasks.

Hiring information is posted on the homepage or the recruiting-relevant sites. Please visit them, and check the information.

[Recruiting] Is it allowed to apply for the job different from the major of mine?

Some jobs are limited to majors of high relevance; however, scope of majors is largely acknowledged.

[Recruiting] Is there limit to age?

No, age is not limited.

[Recruiting] Are TOEIC scores or licenses affecting success?

Most of jobs demand task adequacy and careers rather than linguistic competence, and scores of foreign language or licenses do not have absolute effects on success.

If applied jobs demand high competence in foreign languages or licenses, such competence or licenses may provide you with additional points.

[Recruiting] I have once applied to jobs of the company. Is it allowed to apply again?

Yes, you can do.

History of application may, however, be referred to in screening procedures.

[Products] What are the major products of Silryuk Industrial?

Silryuk Industrial produces various interior parts of automobiles including automatic temperature controller HVAC, audio systems, multi-USB rechargers and wireless smart rechargers.

[Products] Where can I view the data of the products?

You can view the data on the technology/product and promotion data on the homepage.

[General information of company] I want to get data of Silryuk Industrial.

You can get the data on the description of company and promotion data on the homepage. If you desire more data, please make inquiry with the information of yours as follows.